December 16
December 16

More Mountain People, Places, and Ways


The Joslins have brought together another outstanding collection of articles and photographs that capture the spirit of the Southern Appalachians. This volume draws its material from the same wealth of mountain culture as the first, with stories and photographs of the mountains of today and yesterday creating a vivid picture of a vital way of life.

Long-time mountain dwellers will find that the Joslins ďainít put nothing in and ainít taken nothing away,Ē as one satisfied reader of the first volume explains. Familiar friends and lifelong ways of getting along in the invigorating but sometimes harsh climate will be recognized and appreciated. And more of Michael Joslinís outstanding photographs are included in this volume.

Those who love the mountains and cherish their people, places, and ways will find this book a joy to read now and one to be treasured for years to come.


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