America's First Western Frontier

This is a narrative of the first “Old West”—the land just beyond the crest of the Appalachian Mountains—and the many “firsts” that occurred there. Gathering data from the works of other authors, with additional facts gleaned from early maps, magazines, newspapers and pamphlets, the author has put together in one volume a history of those early years.

The recital of events is concentrated primarily within the period covering 1600 to 1839—an epoch which vividly presents the westward sweep of the pioneers along buffalo and Indian trails, as they moved across the eastern mountain barrier into the heart of the Cherokee country. This is the fascinating true story of how an ambitious and venturesome people acquired, settled, and then defended the land and how a courageous and intelligent race, already established there, fought that settlement and struggled for their own survival. The excellent text is further enhanced with numerous maps, photographs, and illustrations.
  • 6 x 9 Hardcover
  • Subject: Appalachian History, Tennessee Interest

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ISBN: 978-0-932807-34-2

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