Annals of Tennessee

The Overmountain Press has reprinted this long sought-after volume on the history of Tennessee. "Intimately blended with the general history of Tennessee is the biography of the prominent actors in the interesting scenes it records. We are proud to mention, among the patriot sages of the country, the names of Carter, Cocke, Campbell, the Blounts, Jackson, white, Claiborne, Roane, Scott, MeNairy, and Trimble; among the apostles of religion and learning, Doak, Barton, Houston, Craighead, Car- rick, Brooks, and Stone. Our state pride is justly excited when, among American worthies, we enumerate Boone, Christian, the Seviers, the Robertsons, the Shelbys, the Tiptons-names dear to the country and known to fame." "In execution of this book, the writer proposes to give: First, the discovery and exploration of the country now known as the State of Tennessee, the first approaches of civilization to it, and some account of the contiguous Indian tribes. Second, its settlement and government under the Watauga Association. Third, as a part of North Carolina, embracing the participation of the pioneers of Tennessee in the war of the American Revolution. Fourth, the history of the revolt of the three western counties, and of the insurrectionary State of Franklin. Fifth, the history of the Cumberland settlements, and of the Franklin counties, after they returned to their allegiance to the mother state. Sixth, the subject of the relations with Spain, and the negotiation with that Power, relating to boundaries and the navigation of the Mississippi River. Seventh, the territory of the United States south of the River Ohio. Eighth, the State of Tennessee to the end of the eighteenth century', Originally published in 1853 and reprinted in 1967 by the East Tennessee Historical Society, this definitive history of the State of Tennessee includes a biographical introduction of the author, annotations, and an exhaustive 49-page index. This book is a valuable addition to the library of the Tennessee historian.
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