Banjoman, The

A simple story with magnificent depth, The Banjoman tells of a wandering musician who stops on his travels to entertain the children of the land. When a broken string stops the music, authors Tyler Norman and José Perez take the opportunity to instill a lesson on harmony, teaching children the value of working together for the good of all. Perez’s unparalleled illustrations richly contrast the unaffected narrative; together they create a work of true beauty. Like the children of the story, readers and art aficionados alike will fall in love with The Banjoman.

“The composition and balance are excellent and the colors are clear and deep. . . . [The Banjoman] has considerable child appeal and a timely message about cooperation.”
—School Library Journal

"Warm color illustrations by Perez of children, animals, and the devoted musician add a touch of life to this gentle tale of cooperation and renewal."
—Midwest Book Review
  • 9 x 9 Hardcover 32pp.
  • Subject: Art, Juvenile Picture Books

Condition: New

ISBN: 978-1-57072-292-9

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