Bark and Tim: A True Story of Friendship

Bark & Tim is a children’s picture book based on the childhood of Mississippi folk artist Tim Brown. The artist’s own paintings illustrate this text about his tender friendship with his dog, Bark. A story in which the simple pleasure of love is not without bittersweet loss. The story also imparts a gentle lesson about the redemptive power of art. Sixteen of Brown’s paintings are included in this book, as well as a biographical section on the artist.

“Bark & Tim teaches us that a true friend is never forgotten, and that the spirit of an artist can flourish in the most unexpected places.”
—Peabody Award Winner Esmeralda Santiago, author of When I Was Puerto Rican

"A story based on the childhood of a visionary African-American artist, told with humor and poignancy. One Christmas, Brown received his best friend ever. Bark was a pound mutt and had his faults, but the boy loved him. The pup joined the family picnics, kite flying, and particularly enjoyed tormenting Mama and her cat. After several years, Bark died, but Tim hoped that the angels would nap next to him and let him chase their white kites. Brown's paintings are bold, honest renditions of his childhood memories, rendered in simple blocks of color. They leave no question as to why Tim's sister found Bark's large, sharp teeth frightening. However, there is also little doubt about Tim's love for his pet. Vernick and Gidaro were inspired to tell this story when they saw one of Brown's paintings for sale on the Internet. Children will appreciate this 'true story of friendship.'"
—School Library Journal

The Bark & Tim Story - by Audrey and Ellen

We came across a painting, “Feeding Bark,” for sale on eBay. We got involved in a fierce bidding war, though we lost. But we kept looking at that painting, and we talked about why it appealed to us. We realized it was its simplicity, humor, and charm—the very qualities that describe our favorite children’s books. Once we hatched the idea to write the book, our original plan was to travel to Mississippi to interview Tim about his childhood. We soon learned, through his manager, that Tim insists on maintaining absolute privacy. He prefers to be interviewed through the mail. We also learned, from a series of back-and-forth questions, that he is a self-taught artist who began painting because he had no pictures from his childhood, and he wanted to share his memories.
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