Between the States: Bristol Tennessee/Virginia During the Civil War

This second in a series of books on Bristol’s history gives a vivid account of her most trying years—the Civil War period. It begins with a look at slavery as it existed in the new town in those years just prior to the beginning of the War. For a town its size, Bristol had a surprising number of slaves. Information given in the opening section of the book was largely obtained from the writings of two persons who lived in the new town at that time. Thus a valuable insight into slave life is given by those who saw it firsthand.

The aim of the author is presenting the story of the Civil War period in Bristol was not to give a detailed account of armies, their leaders or movements. Rather, he has endeavored to show how this great civil conflict affected the everyday lives of local citizens. An effort is made here to show that Bristolians suffered more from the atrocious acts of roving bands of bushwhackers than by the invasion of conquering Yankees. For the first time Bristol’s role as a major Confederate medical center is fully described. And key war industries are revealed, including a Confederate uniform shop that was operated by an enterprising Yankee.

As in all his historical writings, the author has tried to avoid merely repeating that which is well known or has previously been published. Much of this work is based on recently discovered eyewitness accounts of early Bristol residents. In this book may be found a vivid, new look at a very dark period in Bristol’s unique past.
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  • Subject: Civil War History, Tennessee Interest, Virginia Interest

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