Book of Kings: The King Family's Contribution to the History of Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia

The Book of Kings is much more than a portrait of a pioneer family; it is actually another history of Bristol viewed from a different angle. It would be virtually impossible to write a complete history of this city without including a record of the pioneer King family. Likewise, it would be very difficult to write of this family and not become involved in general Bristol history.

Colonel James King, founder of this clan, early settled in the Bristol area, where he became a well-known industrialist and community leader. His son, the Rev. James King, became owner of the land upon which the oldest portion of Bristol is located, and his son-in-law became her founder. Ever since that founding, Kings and their descendants have figured prominently in local history—and continue to do so to this day.

A few years after the founding of Bristol, another King family settled in the city. Several members of this family became prominent business persons and community leaders, as have many of their descendants. The story of this noted family will be told at another time and place. This is volume three of the author’s exhaustive history of Bristol. Two more volumes are planned.
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  • Subject: Tennessee Interest, Virginia Interest

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