Cemeteries of Unicoi County

This labor of love began as one of the first major projects of the newly-formed Unicoi County Historical Society in the early 1970s. By 1973, about 35 cemeteries, all in the northern part of the county, had been copied. Fifteen years went by, then in the winter of 1987-1988 a new committee was formed and the project was begun again. The committee found that in 1960, 15 cemeteries, mostly in the southern part of the county, had been copied. So a total of 50 cemeteries had been recorded. Final copying began in April 1988 and was completed a little over a year later. The total of 166 copied included an update of the 50 cemeteries done earlier.

Included in the findings of this cemetery research were 87 Union Army veterans’ stones and 7 Confederate Army veterans’ iron crosses. Also, 75 persons, in 23 cemeteries, were found buried prior to the formation of Unicoi County in January 1876. Their names read like a roll call of the pioneers of the county, and the fact that these same names predominate today shows the deep roots of Unicoi County families.

Locating cemeteries was interesting and challenging. Most were not shown on the quadrangle maps of the county, and many were small private plots, sometimes abandoned. Several additional cemeteries were found after 1989. These have been added to the map, and listings are included in this revised edition.
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