Fifty State Systems of Community Colleges, Fourth Edition

“As a uniquely American invention, the only way to understand community colleges is through the lens of each of our fifty states. The earlier editions by Terrence Tollefson served as indispensable guide for both students and community college professionals. After several years of use, my copies are held together by tape. Janice Friedel, James Killacky, Emily Miller and Steve Katsinas are to be commended for pulling together and editing the 4th edition of the 50 State Systems of Community College: Mission, Governance, Funding, and Accountability. The latest edition provides a clear understanding of how community colleges in each of the fifty states have transitioned from having a primary focus on access to becoming leaders in student success and degree completion. Perhaps most importantly, this book provides insight into the true genius of community colleges - they are locally focused and are the backbone of meeting our nation's workforce and economic development needs. This should be required reading for not only community college faculty, staff, and leaders, but for all local, state, and national policy-makers.”

Joe D. May

President, Louisiana Community & Technical College System

Chair 2013-2014 of the National Council State Directors of Community Colleges (NCSDCC)
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