From Banner Elk to Boonville

"Blessed and harassed by family stories, Allen Speer writes like an angel, and the devils he wrestles with are real: issues of family, self, identity, and belief; the importance of place - the meaning of life itself. But like any good write, he grounds the universal themes firmly in the particular: Boonville, North Carolina, and its surrounding area from the early 50s to 60s is Speer's own Yoknapatawpha . . . 'an enchanted place, a holy place, a tiny piece of the globe stamped by a kind of fate, ringed by sorcery, blessed by God . . . ' These pages contain some of the funniest and most original stories you will ever read (how Aunt Merlia found her mojo, for instance), as well as the most harrowing description of a psychotic break ever written, all penned with honesty, humor, and even heroism. Telling the story is always an act of faith, and this memoir is both testament and sacrament." --Lee Smith
  • 6 x 9 Trade Paper 150pp.
  • Subject: Appalachian History, North Carolina Interest

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ISBN: 978-1-57072-329-2

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