History of Hamilton County and Chattanooga, Tennessee, Volume 1

Volume I of this thorough two-volume set details the history of Hamilton County and Chattanooga through 1861, the beginning of the Civil War. The work begins with Hernando de Soto’s contact with the area and then explores the Indian natives’ early beginnings and lifestyles as they are known through archaeological study of the numerous mounds they built in the area. Extensive discussion is given to the Cherokee and Chickamauga Indians, the rise of conflict between their people and the white settlers and government, and their eventual removal west. Included are many biographical sketches of Indians who were influential in the area, with an entire chapter devoted to Chief John Ross.

Hamilton County’s and Chattanooga’s early development, including early land records and the establishment of hotels, banks, and newspapers, is thoroughly explored. A chapter on the county’s military history is accompanied by lists of soldiers of early wars and biographical sketches of Revolutionary War and War of 1812 combatants. There are also chapters on courthouses, churches and cemeteries, as well as biographical sketches of early mayors, pioneers and notable citizens. Finally, this work is accompanied by 117 illustrations and a comprehensive index. It will surely be enjoyed by any native or resident of Hamilton County and will prove invaluable to historians and genealogists.
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  • Subject: Tennessee Interest

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