History of Scott County, Virginia

Brimming with information, this text begins with Scott County territory as claimed by the French prior to 1763. The final chapters include interesting facts and figures from a survey made in 1930. Filling the pages between with great variety, Addington shares an abundance of knowledge.

In addition to history about the first Courts and “Interesting Court Orders,” schools, homes and churches, social life, customs etc., the author includes more than thirty biographical sketches. “Some Important Dates in Scott County History” begins with 1749 and goes through 1887. His stories of Indian attacks include the defense of Fort Blackmore, in which Daniel Boone figured prominently. He also tells about Scott County during the Civil War and the later hardships of World War I. The chapter about “Old-Time Schools” is fascinating. By following instructions in his descriptive narration, one could easily play the old-time games today.

A new index has been added to this reprint of an excellent history.
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