History of Southwest Virginia 1746-1786, Washington County 1777-1870

Referred to as “probably the best book ever written about this area,” the material covered in this volume includes early Southwest Virginia in general and (after its formation) Washington County in particular. In its earliest period, Southwest Virginia embraced nineteen present-day counties of Virginia and seventeen of West Virginia. It also includes sections of other counties within these states.

The well-written and extremely interesting history is followed by more than one hundred biographical sketches, and there are several pages titled Journal of Doctor Thomas Walker—1749-’50. The extensive Appendix includes numerous names and pertinent information about lands surveyed, early court meetings, representatives, senators, justices, sheriffs, attorneys, superintendents, constables, road overseers, ministers, census information, militia officers, Revolutionary soldiers, the “Mountain Boys,” and more.

An index of more than 6000 entries gives added value to this important work.
  • 6 x 9 Hardcover 921pp.
  • Subject: Virginia Interest

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ISBN: 978-0-932807-43-4

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