History of the Family Addington in United States and England

An index of more than 2000 names has been added to the reprint of this publication.

Because William Addington was the writer’s great, great grandfather, it is of his descendants that much of the subject matter of this history and genealogy is about. Special space is given to his son, Charles Cromwell Addington and descendants, because of the great age to which he attained, the accessibility of information about this family, which in two generations, children and grandchildren, became connected by marriage with the following large families: Alley, Bond, Blankenbecler, Brickey, Brandenberg, Broadwater, Burke, Campbell, Carter, Clendinen, Coleman, Craft, Crane, Culbertson, Darnell, Darter, Davis, Dean, Dikes, Dingus, Doughtery, Draper, Elam, Easterling, Epperson, Fletcher, Fraley, Francisco, Frazier, Fugate,. Fuller, Gibson, Gillenwater, Hamilton, Harris, Hartsock, Headen, Hill, Hillman, Hilton, Jeffris, Jenkins, Jennings, Jessee, Kilgore, Lane, Lawson, Marshall, McCartie, McClellan, McConnell, Meade, Moore, Nickels, Osborne, Parkey, Pendleton, Peters, Poff, Porter, Powers, Price, Quillen, Ringley, Sampson, Smith, Southern, Stallard, Strong, Swetram, Wampler, Wells, and others.

Equally interesting information is given about other branches of the family of Addington of both England and the United States.
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