History of the First Regiment of the Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry

Staunchly pro-Union young men escaped from Confederate-occupied East Tennessee in droves to muster up numerous regiments for the North. One of the most famous units was the First Regiment of the Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry. Led by Colonel James P. Brownlow, the regiment participated in over fifty battles and skirmishes, including the East Tennessee campaign, the Atlanta campaign, the Battle of Franklin, the Battle of Nashville, and Brownlow’s infamous “naked charge.”

A name index has been added to this extremely well-written history of the regiment’s role in the American Civil War. Authored by W.R. Carter of the regiment’s C Company, the text explodes with detail of the drudgery, the midnight and mid-winter marches, and the numerous battles and firefights. The volume will surely delight any Civil War scholar or enthusiast.
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  • Subject: Civil War History, Tennessee Interest

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