History of the Lost State of Franklin

In the decade following the American Revolution, a bitter political battle developed over the land west of the Appalachian Mountains. Pressure from the federal government resulted in the 1784 cession of the western claims of North Carolina. Shortly afterward, the North Carolina legislature rescinded the cession, but the settlers had already taken action. A new and independent state was declared—the state of Franklin. A former justice of the Supreme Court of Tennessee, the author goes into extraordinary detail as he documents the history of the ill-fated state. For four years the Franklin government functioned under its own laws, courts, and elected officials. Simultaneously, North Carolina continued to claim sovereignty over the region, enforcing the claim with its own laws, courts, and officials.

Quoting extensively from primary and secondary sources, Williams objectively explores the men and the politics that shaped and destroyed Franklin. Biographical sketches of instrumental leaders from both sides and a comprehensive index make this book a valuable research tool.
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