History of the Thirteenth Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry

Though officially one of the Confederate States, much of Upper East Tennessee remained loyal to the Union. This loyalty was so fierce that it became necessary for the Confederacy to occupy the area. Driven from their homes, many men slipped through Confederate lines and joined the Union Army. The Thirteenth Regiment is one unit whose roster consisted of these Loyal Lincolnites, primarily made up of men from Johnson and Carter Counties.

In this exciting volume, Captain Samuel Scott and his Adjutant, Samuel Angel, chronicle the history of the War Between the States as they saw it, particularly the actions of their Regiment as it fought for the North. Along with photographs of several of the men, there is a complete roster. The Regimental roll contains name, rank, age at enlistment, dates of enlistment and muster in, promotion, capture, etc. A complete name index has been added to this reprint.
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  • Subject: Civil War History, Tennessee Interest

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