Johnson City: The Way We Were

Long before Johnson City (Tennessee) had a Chamber of Commerce, there was the Commercial Club, organized "for the purpose of developing the city..." -- and certainly the members made an earnest effort in 1909.

"In the publication of this illustrated pamphlet... it has been the writer’s purpose to depict clearly, succinctly, and truthfully everything of interest... therefore, neither imagination or embellishment have been resorted to. On the contrary, the natural resources... joined with modern facilities, surpasses almost any exaggeration that could be made..." This “Introductory” is representative of the pages that follow, covering such topics as climate, social life, walks and streets etc., as well as detailing numerous opportunities available because of "... so many and so rare advantages... to be found right here."

This reprint offers a delightful look back at 1909. The text is enhanced with numerous photographs, and even the advertisements include some interesting bits of nostalgia. There is no apology in this proposal from a city seeking to grow, and certainly the person looking for opportunity in an ideal setting would have been impressed. Indeed, one might wonder how many current residents are in Johnson City because their parents or grandparents responded to this invitation from "The City of Opportunity... snugly nestled in the finest spot on God’s big world."
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