More Kentucky Ghost Stories

Probably no section of the country can rightly claim more mystifying, more intriguing or more enduring ghost stories and unexplained phenomena than Kentucky.... With this statement, based on years of personal research and investigation, the author presents his second collection of such tales from The Bluegrass State. He introduces readers to a pilot who flies his plane through a cloud bank—and 200 years back in time—for a landing that surprised both Daniel Boone and the bewildered pilot. Not surprisingly, he found the coal mines harboring their share of manifestations, and many of these spirits have played a role in leading trapped miners to safety. One of the most unusual tales is about the author’s own paranormal experience one Christmas Eve when he was visited by a young man who suddenly disappeared. Henson kept the diary his visitor left behind and was later astounded to learn the young man had died ten years earlier! This is but a suggestion of the great variety found in this collection––a total of seventy-five narratives “of the sixth dimension” or, some might say, close encounters of the sixth kind.
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  • Subject: Ghost Lore, Kentucky Interest

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