Party Punches: Punch Recipes from Around the World

Over the past 50 years, the authors have gathered more than 2,000 recipes for punches and other festive party beverages from every corner of the world, selecting more than 300 of the best to feature in this cookbook. Many of the recipes included have been used for generations but have never before been published.

Features include the top ten all-time best punch recipes and the secrets to making and presenting a perfect punch, including how to make a rosebud ice wreath for a summer punch and floating candied apple garnishes for an autumn punch. Chapters include traditional mixed fruit punches, punches from around the world by country, slushy punches, spiced punches, and punches by fruit. Special recipes for other party beverages such as cider, cocoa, coffee, eggnog, lemonade, and tea are also included with tips on how to prepare them for a crowd.

Tim Page began collecting punch recipes in the early 1960s when he was a student at East Tennessee State University. His fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, had been instructed to find a substitute for the alcoholic drinks they served at parties. Tim searched his school and local libraries, but was disappointed to find that no books on punches existed. However, a fraternity brother saved the day by suggesting they utilize a punch that was a specialty of his family’s cook. From that day, Tim made it his duty to collect punch recipes from ambassadors, dignitaries, restaurateurs, and caterers from around the world.
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