Pioneers in Paradise: Legends and Stories from Bristol Tennessee/Virginia

The fourth installment in the history of Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia, Pioneers in Paradise is a compilation of tales centered around the people who lived, worked, and died in the young town on the border.

This collection includes historical references to the days of the stagecoach, tales of prostitution—one of the vices common at the time—evidence of Bristol ghosts, and narratives about the people who lived in the Town of Bristol in its beginning days. Some of the stories come straight from interviews with the early citizens, while others include documentation from actual court cases or personal diaries. Nonetheless, each narrative provides a small glimpse into the day-to-day life in a town almost named “Paradise.”

This unique portrayal of the people and their ways is truly the best of the Bud Phillips historical books of Bristol because it lets the reader experience life as it was when the town was known as “hell on the border.”
  • Hardcover
  • Subject: Tennessee Interest, Virginia Interest

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ISBN: 978-1-57072-234-9

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