Tall Tales of the Devil's Apron

The Appalachian folk tales in this book were originally told to the author by the hillmen of that area called the Appalachian Plateau, where the woods, rivers and valleys of the Cumberland Mountains stretch across parts of southwestern Virginia and eastern Kentucky.

As editor of the local county weekly, the author was looked on by the mountaineers as almost one of their own. He was the boy they had seen around town in his teens; the boy who had gone to France in 1918, come home to an army hospital, gone on to become a reporter on the New York Times, written for the magazines, then returned to Appalachia to regain his health, be elected four times to the Virginia Assembly, and eventually acquire the county weekly that they read.

They talked with him in their hillside cabins, welcomed him to their homes and mills, or dropped into his newspaper office to renew acquaintance and speak of old friends. With the born reporter’s instinct for unusual people and an open nature that attracted confidence, Sutherland responded to their visits and friendship by running the stories they told him in his weekly paper, using fictitious names and heading the column "Tales of the Tall Timbers". Selections in this volume are some of the best.
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  • Subject: Appalachian Tales

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ISBN: 978-0-932807-27-4

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