Tragedy at Devil's Hollow and Other Kentucky Ghost Stories

This is the first book of Kentucky ghost stories by acclaimed author Michael Paul Henson. He tells the bewildering tale of the tragedy at Devil’s Hollow in Kentucky. It is the story of two men who experienced the most unexplainable week in time and history. Henson has added a selection of other ghost stories and unexplained phenomena. The narratives contained in this volume are relatively unknown for two principal reasons—first, no one has previously taken the time to collect and compile them; second, these are stories generally limited to certain localities and have seldom been told outside the area of occurrence. While many stories may have been transmuted through the years of telling, the essence remains the same, and the fascination...the intrigue provoked by these tales of wonderment...has not been diminished one whit.
  • 6 x 9 Trade Paper 156pp.
  • Subject: Ghost Lore, Kentucky Interest

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ISBN: 978-1-57072-160-1

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